Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BMV Changes

I thought I would post an email announcement sent from the BMV about changes that were to be implemented January 1, 2010

This morning, I'm announcing big changes that will take effect on January 1, 2010, concerning the documentation necessary to obtain a driver's license or state-issued identification card. The program, called "SecureID," allows Indiana to comply with recommendations from the 9/11 Commission Report and will improve the BMV's ability to protect your identity from theft and fraud.

Beginning January 1, 2010, every person renewing, replacing or applying for a new driver's license or identification card will be required to present documentation proving his or her: Identity. An original or certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate or a U.S. passport will meet this requirement. If you are a foreign national, a U.S. immigration document, such as foreign passport with a Visa and an I-94 form issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is acceptable.

Social Security number. A Social Security card, a W-2, tax form, an SSA-1099 form, or a pay stub showing the name and Social Security number on it will meet the requirement. Lawful status. Again, an original or certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate or a U.S. passport satisfies this requirement. If you are a foreign national, a U.S. immigration document, such as foreign passport with a Visa and an I-94 form issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is acceptable.

Residency. Two recent statements from a utility company, bank, credit card company, doctor or hospital showing name and residence address. Computer-generated bills are acceptable. If you do not have a copy of your birth certificate, contact the health department in the state where you were born and request an official copy. Indiana county health departments can be found here . A change in the name listed on your birth certificate requires additional items to be brought in - such as a marriage license. Those who have been through multiple name changes because of marriage, divorce or adoption must show proof of each name change.

After you present all documents, you will receive an interim license at the BMV branch. You will receive your permanent license or identification card within 10 business days. It will be mailed from a secure, government-run facility to your mailing address. This added step is to provide yet another layer of protection of your identity.

If your driver's license expires in 2011 or later, it is valid until the normal expiration date. You do not need to come into the license branch any earlier. If you are updating your name or address before the expiration date, you will have to bring all of the required documentation to the license branch.

To learn more about SecureID, please visit Also, if you do not have a myBMV account, please sign-up for one here. A myBMV account allows you to conduct many regular transactions online at your convenience. The service is free and your information is confidential and will not be shared with third parties.


Andy Miller, Commissioner Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles


  1. Let's see. The 9/11 commision was responding to 9/11/01, right? It is now 2010! That was quick!
    More federal mandates making life for citizens a pain in the rear and in the meantime a plane was nearly brought down except for luck, not the government system working.
    And this is to get a drivers liscense but don't dare ask for proof of citizenship to vote. That will bring down upon you ACORN, ACLU, ICLU, and a swarm of locust of Biblical proportion!
    And some want gov. health care and environment regulation setting your thermostats.

  2. because it's a party in the USA right? nothing wrong here! let's just give all power to the mighty corporations and keep praying that our false god will it ok. the will of GOD trumps democracy and freedom - right? taliban usa ok!

  3. Only the government can give corporations power over you because only the government has the legal right to power. Government regulations, liscensing, etc. give big business advantages over competition. And political entrepreneurs rather than market entrepeneurs gain advantage through big central government. Market entrepeneurs must rely on better products/srevices at better prices to survive. Only the government can sanction waste. Monopoly's are largely a function of government, not a "free market".
    The chances of things being perfect ended in Eden a looooong time ago. Still, I'll take limited government and more freedom and take my chances.

  4. you would get CRUSHED by the powerful in a true free market system keep drinking the kool aid and pray to the GOD OF MONEY AND POWER - fools!

  5. In a true free market only those able to provide goods and services with quality and an acceptable price that allows for profit will be successful. If you think we have a free market now then that may explain why you are so comfused.
    John D. Rockefeller once had a near monolopy in the oil business, controling 90% of the domestic oil industry. Why? Because he invested in good people and tehnology, paid them well, and with the efficiency offered oil products so inexpensive that the consumer had more advantages and improvments in their standard of living they wanted more. Along the way he saved the whales. And he was a religous man and gave away more money than any man , some 550,000,000 dollars, when a dollar was worth something. Still gulf oil came along. He could not contrlo the market. All the government did was start the increase in operation costs and price of the product to the consuming public.
    Give me a true free market.

  6. Idolatry? You claim to know the way of Jesus and God. So, do we cast off all worldly posessions? Do you worship in a leanto? Have no car? Do you forgo medical care for your children? Do you reject all government authority?
    The benefits of an advanced culture you appear to reject as idolatry are the result of humans interacting for their own benefit and as a result providing goods and services others want and are willing to trade for. Limited government provides a frame work for fair, uncoerced trade by assuring property rights and protection from fraud and theft.
    How do you define the role of Caesar? What is your concept of God's role for government if not man's free choice assurance?