Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Divine Intervention

What an absolute glorious night. Those of us with a Christian belief are certainly thanking God this morning for His involvement in the Massachusetts Senatorial race.

The divine intervention certainly has its irony. The Democrats changed the rules after Kennedy’s death in order to get a Democrat in the seat and avoid a special election immediately. If they would have followed the rules, the Republicans would have had no chance of taking the seat.

But God had other plans and now a Republican has taken the seat held by Kennedy for so many years and Scott Brown will be instrumental in stopping this healthcare bill that Kennedy wanted so much.

I think I can you hear Kennedy rolling over in his grave!!!


  1. Obamacare supporters - Rep. Baron Hill, Sen. Evan Bayh - you are next to be defeated. PTL.

  2. If I were Evan Bayh, I'd be very concerned. He only votes against the dems when he knows the vote doesn't matter.

    People are watching

  3. So God supports pro-choice candidates?

  4. Yes, God uses all of us sinners and the Biblical record has many instances of him using all kinds of people with varying backgrounds.

    He in intimately involved in what happens but only He knows the ultimate plan. Christians are comforted by the fact we know He allows bad things to happen for a greater good that only He knows.

  5. So the election of a pro-choice candiate was a bad thing?

    The scary thing is that you actually believe what you typed. wow.

  6. The election of the republican was a good thing but a bad thing. blah blah blah - GOD DOES NOT SUPPORT A POLITICAL PARTY! YOU SIN WHEN YOU TYPE SUCH NONSENSE DAN! I KNOW YOU AND WILL OUT YOU AT CHURCH!

  7. All human governments are capable of error and transgression and must be held accountable to a higher ethical law if they are to be prevented from wreaking havoc in the lives of the citizens entrusted to their oversight and care. We have seen this over and over throughout history.

    God does have a perspective on the state and it can be obtained through a careful examination of the relevant scriptural passages.

    As we see in the biblical record, just as the Son is subject to the Father, the wife to the husband, and the elders of the church to the headship of Christ, so the authority of the state, within the economy of the divine design for the political sphere, is subject to and dependent upon the authority of God Himself.

    Governors and magistrates and other leaders hold their power purely as delegates and representatives of God. They are appointed and armed with the sword in order that they might 1) punish evil and 2) condone good.

    Those who forget these principles and become puffed up with a sense of their own importance are, like Ahab (1 Kings 21), Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 4:20-30), Uzziah (2 Chronicles 26), and Herod (Acts 12:21-23), liable to swift and severe judgment.

    This last point is worthy of special attention; for, as the Bible and history demonstrate, when human rulers overstep their bounds, deny the sovereignty of the various social spheres, and seek to establish state control over every other area of human life, tyranny, oppression, and violence are sure to follow.

    The godless expansion of the power of the state has reared its ugly head many times in the past, most notably in the 20th century regimes of rulers like Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot. It is raising its head again in our own time.

    Without God, truth, or any higher moral standard, people are increasingly looking to the state as savior and the supplier of every human need.

    In the face of this trend, Christians must have the courage to resist "The Rise of the State" – to stand firm, draw a line in the sand, and say, "This far and no more."

    We need to do this in the legal and political systems that have been established and continue to believe that God is in control even though we don’t understand completely.

    We saw this clearly with the Brown victory in Massachusetts.

  8. Delusional. You probably agree with Pat Robertson about Haiti too.