Thursday, January 21, 2010


We are in the process of putting together a helicopter mission(s) similar to what was done after Hurricane Katrinaa to provide the following in Haiti:

· Rapid transportation of critically ill patients to medical care (to hospitals, to the airport for further transport, etc.).
· Transportation of medical supplies to points of need.
· Transportation of personnel to and from key points of need (hospitals, rescue scenes, etc.).
· Transportation of food, water and equipment (water purification equipment, etc.).

We are still working on logistics but already have thousands of doses of antibiotics, lots of other drugs, surgical supplies and other equipment ready to go. We are also working with Doctors without Borders to get these down to Haiti and go with them to provide medical services. If all goes well, we may be leaving this weekend.

From the political side of things, a friend sent these two links which are very enlightening regarding the Haiti issue.

Wealth, Poverty, and Natural Disasters The Freeman Ideas On Liberty

Real Economic Reform for a Hurting Haiti - Richard M. Ebeling - Mises Institute


  1. My church has a Haitian missionary. By the grace of God, he was out of the country when the earthquake struck. But, he has gone back to help. He works with an orphanage and is procuring tents and supplies to attend to the orphans that he cares for. Our church had a door offering last week to help him. Another organization that our church is affiliated with delivered 500,000 meals to Haiti within the first three days after the quake occured.
    USA based religious organizations always respond to natural disasters in a rapid and positive manner. The main rescuers of the victims of the SE Asia tsunami and Katrina were faith based organizations. And, they do it more efficiently than government organizations.
    I applaud President Obama's rapid response to the Haiti disaster, but he solicited donations to his website: I think that donations to the disaster relief effort would be better spent if given to faith based organizations.

  2. Good Luck, Godspeed, and thank you for helping!
    Be safe