Monday, January 18, 2010

The Radical Coakley

The American people have been given a rare opportunity in the special election in Massachusetts and it has never been as important or critical to choose the conservative over the radical left wing Coakley.

We have the ability to give some balance to the filibuster proof Senate and maybe stop the radical takeover of our healthcare system.

But the Democrats are using every dirty trick in their arsenal to prevent this from happening.

Massachusetts: Coakley ad 'patently false,' Brown threatens legal action Washington Examiner

The philosophical differences in the race cannot be overstated and Coakley has shown her radical viewpoints and her lack of understanding in her own words.

She is not representing the American people and is not in touch with constituent’s wishes as a representative republic should be.

The following interview in her own words shows how out of touch and ignorant she is.
Gateway Pundit

Martha Coakley: Devout Catholics 'Probably shouldn't work in the emergency room' - Water Cooler - Washington Times

Please send money and volunteer your time for her opponent Brown. He represents the American values far more closely than Coakley.

Elect Scott Brown to the United States Senate Official Scott Brown for United States Senate Site


  1. I see where Presidents Clinton and Obama, Vietnam Veteran Senator John Kerry and many other elite Democrats have campaigned for Coakley this past weekend. That should guarantee a Scott Brown win.

  2. Thanks for the link to the Coakley interview. Having listened to the whole thing, I found her answers pretty impressive. I'm not sure why you'd refer to anyone as radical for saying that medical professionals should follow the law, but it was informative nonetheless.