Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fact Check on Obamacare

Here is a fact check website that explains some of the misrepresentations from the Democrats and Obama on his radical take-over of our healthcare system

Fact Checking the White House Fix Health Care Policy

These video clips are short, concise and clearly show how radical this takeover really is and why it is not healthcare reform but rather an ideological paradigm shift in what used to be a representative republic.


  1. In looking back over the recent events that gave us Obamacare, one tactical move by the Republicans backfired. They decided to attend Obama's Health Care summit. I am sure they attended out of respect for the office of the President, not who occupies the office for now. Until they attended this conference the health care reform bills were pretty much dead. Then the summit occurred and the bills were resurrected from the dead, gained momentum, the Blue dog (lap dog) democrats, led by lame duck, Stupak caved in and now the worst legislation ever passed by congress is now law. Thank you lame duck, Baron Hill, for caving in also.
    The Indiana Right to Live chapter has withdrawn support of so called "Pro-life" Democrats, such as Elsworth and Hill. They have finally learned that the term "Pro-life" Democrat is an oxymoron. When the chips are down, Democrats will always vote the party line and kiss off their so called moral principles.
    The bottom line - Democrats = Pro-abortion.

  2. Seriously? democrat = pro-abortion? Well that explains why my parents didnt have me, or my wife gave birth to our daughter... Perhaps they are only registered democrats to diguise the fact that they are republicans huh?

    And I suppose the GOP has NEVER done anything as horrible as pass laws to help people get affordable health care have they? I mean starting a war based on evidence of WMD's that turned out to not be there, and there was no evidence that supported that claim other than some truck trailers parked in the dessert. Thats right, that "war" doesn't cost a red cent, and there are no death panels marching around taking the lives of Americans, correct.

    Steeping the tea a little on the strong side here guys....

  3. All Democrats do not HAVE abortions. That is obvious, otherwise we would not have a many problems as we do now.
    Regrettably the Supreme Court created a right out of thin air. The question should be a state issue, as it was before. Compelling all citizens to participate in abortion by using tax money to directly or indirectly facilitate abortion is wrong. And don't make the lame argument about the Iraq war. Defense spending does fit the definition of a public good. Most of the evidence for the war was generated prior to 9/11 and was accepted by the Western community as true. Some of the strongest words for action against Iraq was from Democrat leaders who have forgotten what they said when it was just talk. If you think the war is wrong and the USA should immediately withdraw, then vote accordingly.
    The issues of the war and this expanding socialist policy, further eroding our individual rights, are two separate subjects. But make no mistake, this is quickly taking us further from natural law and individual rights as envisioned by the founders, maybe to where it can never be repaired.
    "Affordable", "fair", and similar terms have no definition in economics. And sorry, Chris, medical services are part of the economy, just as is auto repair and building office buildings. Cost/price, supply/demand, production/consumption, they don't go away just because they are inconvenient to your ideals.

  4. You make good points, but I would like to counter by asking, this, should healthcare reform go away because it does not conform to your ideologies? Where do we draw the line?

    In so far as the rapid erosion of natural law and individual rights, where were mass protests regarding this when republican administrations starting passing down laws dictation whether or not a private business owner could allow smoking in their own establishments? Where were the tea partiers who were fed up with over taxing when republican administrations massively increased taxes on tobacco users (a minority of people carrying the lions share of states medicaid costs).

    Where was the great concern over erodnig our individual rights during the last decade when fundamental right winged Christians decided it was time to put Jesus into everything government? (yes I am Christian), Where does that leave Buddhists, Hindu's, Muslims, Wiccans, native american religious peoples?

    The comparison with abortion w/ federal fund V. the war on terror stands, as both as federal tax monies being used to create a situation that leads to the loss of life. If one is wrong, then they both are wrong, or there is no valid excuse to defend one and not support the other.

    You can not pick and choose, if you want to be against just one thing that runs counter to our Consititution and Bill of Rights, then to be legitimate, you must stand against all things that run counter the foundations of our freedoms.

  5. Please do not presume those opposing the current administration and the fascist/socialism they are promoting favored the former administration. Smoking restrictions in private property is not a role of government, certainly not the national government. Most taxes are not warranted. Most of the cost of government is not warranted because most of the government is not warranted.
    Both major parties have expanded the role of the federal government, and state and local government to much, largely for political power.
    Abortion has killed far more than the war and the cost may be greater also when one considers the lost population as we start to fail to have sustainable numbers in our national birth rate.

    Defense is a function of the federal/national government in the constitution. Abortion, health care for the record, is not.

  6. It is all inter-related. It all adds to the pile of rights chipped away, one tiny piece at a time. Before enough people understand and accept that, the cornerstone of our freedoms will be to damaged to support the rest of the foundation.

    In so far as the opposition of this administration VS. Opposition to the previous one, there was hardly the vocalism, the mass protests, the partisanship, and the near venomous hatred being spewed forth as there is now. At least then there was some compromise, now you are either "with or against", you are either a tea partier patriot, or part of the problem.

    So, we will just have to try to agree to disagree, and I will accept that I am obviously part of the "problem", by wanting to ensure that everyone has affordable access to healthcare.

    If that makes me a bad person, or unpatriotic, then so be it. For I would rather, when my time comes, to stand tall before the man and proclaim that I stood up and fought for those who were in need, and I chose to stand that ground, and help those less fortunate. I will stand tall and say I did not proclaim that all the bums had to do was get a real job, or how they are ruining the American way. I will not sell out my beliefs in helping my fellow man based on political doctrine, nor will I cheapen my morals by turning my back on the sick, the weak or the truly disadvantaged by subscribing to a creed of allowing the wealthy to have access to the best means of healing the sick, while the poor only get sicker and more in debt. If that makes me a bad person in the eyes of the tea partiers and the ultra conservatives then so be it, I do not answer to them, as to my actions or beliefs. Nor do I rely on others to dictate how I will think, or believe, or have to recycle worn out news bites from conservative mouth pieces to speak for me.

    And that is the saddest part of all of this, is brilliant minds, gifted healers and thinkers have sold their God given talents and ability to help other in order to stay in line with their political party.

  7. Chris, you may be as charitable in your private life as you wish. Just do not steal from others in advancing your ideals. And the best way to assure medical care is available is to let the free market provide it. That is not what we have had for the past 70+ years, more like the past 100 years. Each time the government meddles the options are reduced and costs rise. It is so unfortunate you cannot see this.

  8. Anon 5:54,

    I respect your opinion, I really do, but I would sincerely like to invite you to contact me at the email on my profile. I would more sincerely like to have you come to my office and see what we are doing, and how well we are doing it with little money by way of comparison.

    I (we) do not steal from anyone to do this, we apply for grants just like anyone else can.

    On the flip side, what I wish people here can see, the system that has been in place for 75 to 100 years has not worked. I have been to the funerals of too many clients that I considered friends who died of illnesses that could have been stopped if caught early. I have an ambulance nearly weekly at one of our facilities when a patient comes in seeking an urgent care appointment because they feel short of breath and they are in the middle of a heart attack, and we have to convince them to go to the hospital for treatment, and they are worried about money to pay for their rent or their kids needs more than they are possibly dying of a heart attack.

    When FQHC's started popping up across the country, no options were limited, and no ones costs rose as result. I would submit that it helps keep costs stable, as medically indigent persons stay out of the ER, and the unrecoverable costs of that is not passed on to us.

  9. If your grants are from private foundations, then you do not steal from others. If it is from federal tax funds, then yes it is. Federal funds are either taxed, borrowed, or debt financed. No matter which, they deny the money for the use by the private sector where it would be used more effectively or make it more expensive to obtain in the private sector.
    The problem with your FQHC is the FQ. Why dose the F have to Q anything?
    I would suggest you research the lodge system that existed in the early part of the last century. The market worked then before various special interest groups coerced the governments to restricting options in the market for the indigent, working poor, and everyone else. Something like that could happen again, maybe not the same system, but something even more creative. That is the beauty of the "free market", one free from government regulation and the special interest corruption that ALWAYS follows more government. Only government has the power to grant monopoly.

  10. Oh, My God, what was I thinking! I had NO idea that I was a thief and raper of the American Tax payer! And I had no clue that a private doctors office could provide dental, optometry, general medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, diagnostics, case management, and prescription assistance at a cost less than what we can. I did not realize that private practices can get well qualified physicians, nurse practitioners, case managers, MA's, RN’s, Dentists, EDA’s, Optometrists, PharmD's and the likes to work for about 3/4 the salary they could in the rest of the natural world. (which in turn keeps our costs down and allow us to provide each patient encounter and a much lower overhead than a private office can.

    How ignorant must we have been to think that in exchange for in-kind services provided for our clients dozens of local specialists are about to claim a tax exemption for a charitable donation keeping more money for their for profit companies?

    I had NO idea that by being an FQHC we were restricting options in a private market that is saturated with medically indigent persons who can not pay for services from the for profit sector, increasing the amount of bad debt, write offs and having to pass the overhead on to the paying and insured clients!

    And oh my God in Heaven, I had no idea that by having to operate under the same federal, state and local regulations as other health care facilities that we are a special interest group, and that by NOT participating in reward and incentives programs from pharmaceutical companies that we were actually caving in to the corruption and special preferences in prescribing habits.

    My, my, my, I have learned so much tonight! What a shame we only get about 1/3 of our operational expenses from private foundations and patient co pays, about 1/3 from IDH, and 1/3 from federal grants that money was set aside by President BUSH, and that we account for every single red cent of those monies and send back what we do not use, are held to a higher standard of fiscal management than any similarly sized for profit entity.

    Thank you so much for enlightening me! I just can not wait to march into work tomorrow and demand that we not under bill for Medicaid and Medicare, and to send those damn socialized medicine clients back out into the private market (oops, almost forgot almost no one is accepting Medicaid and Medicare anymore), I can not wait to tell the homeless, mentally ill clients that they need to get a job and get out into the free market, hell with their five personalities they can work 5 jobs!

    You are blinded by your unwavering opposition to this. And its funny, NONE of this criticism was here in 17 of the last 18 years in our existence until a half black man with a family history of Muslim ancestors was elected to the White House, and now we are the evil, corrupt foot soldiers of a regime that is hell-bent on bringing this country to its knees and planting Hugo Chavez at the helm.

    (oh yeah, I almost forgot, all of the free market medical offices over ran with medically indigent patients seem to be fine with referring their patients to us, and more than willing to help out in anyway they can)