Monday, April 12, 2010

A Visualization of the Money

It is difficult for average Americans to grasp the concept of these very large numbers that Obama and the congress throw around. How does the average individual comprehend millions, billions and trillions?

Here is a simple visualization to help get our hands around what Obama and the liberal left are trying to say.

As always, their speech is misleading, pure rhetoric and their actions are going to bankrupt our country.

Visualizing Obama's budget cuts. [VIDEO]


  1. That's probably indicative (on a percentage basis) of how much liberals donate to charity out of their own personal pockets. They are too busy giving away other people's money.

  2. Christopher, the point is not whether Slim gives anything or not. The point is liberals take by force others money to use for their notion of good or charity. No American should be forced by the government to give up his/her wealth for the benefit of another.
    The charity of any individual, liberal or conservative, libertarian or other, is that own persons determination. There are few "public goods" that require the population as a whole to provide through government and thus subsidize.