Thursday, August 5, 2010

Europe learning; Obama not

As we move towards a more bureaucratic laden healthcare system (Obamacare), the United Kingdom's new coalition government has figured out that they need to get government less involved. The new coalition government announced an overhaul of the state-funded health system that it said would put more power in the hands of doctors and save as much as $30.12 billion by 2014.

They will begin cutting huge swaths of bureaucracy and reinvesting the savings in urgent health care services.

The government didn't say how many management jobs will be cut, but said the plan would reduce management costs by more than 45 percent over the next four years all while we are increasing government jobs and waste in healthcare.

In a 60-page document outlining the overhaul, the government said the changes "will cause significant disruption and loss of jobs ... but it has rapidly become clear to us that the NHS simply cannot continue to afford to support the costs of the existing bureaucracy; and the government has a moral obligation to release as much money as possible into supporting front line care."
I wonder where there morals come from??

This is reportedly the biggest shake-up in the 62-year history of the NHS that is the largest employer in Europe, with more than 1.3 million employees.

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  1. The state of Missouri has spoken - 71% oppose Obamacare and the mandate to buy health insurance. I dare say, that if all the other 49 states held a similar referendum, the results would be the same. Obamacare will be short-lived - turned down by an irate electorate that does not want the government intruding into their lives.