Sunday, August 15, 2010

Obesity Tracking by "Big Brother"

The “Big Brother” is watching and going to invade privacy even further with the new Obamacare rules. In the following article - Obesity Rating for Every American Must Be Included in Stimulus-Mandated Electronic Health Records, Says HHS it describes the new mandates placed on physicians and EMR’s to record and submit BMI (Body Mass Index) readings on patients.

What do you think the government will do with the data? We already know the United States is generally overweight, eats poorly and has an obesity problem. Why does the government need to track BMI’s on every individual?

It is hypocritical to think the government allows an individual the choice to terminate a human life because they believe women should have control of their reproductive desires, but now they are going to track your weight and begin regulating how heavy you should be. Is it really any of their business?

Once they takeover healthcare; it is their business and they will regulate individuals and the choices they make!!

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  1. Medical records will not be private property of the physician or for that matter the patient. They will be the property of the STATE! Everyone will be a subject of the STATE! There will be no escape. Freedom will be a quaint concept of a time long, long ago.
    The STATE will know your medical records.
    The STATE will know your financial records.
    The STATE will own your mortgage.
    The STATE will own your student loan.
    The STATE will control your energy use.
    The STATE will determine your food choices.
    The STATE will......
    The STATE will......

    Get the picture?