Monday, August 9, 2010

Prager Simplicity

I am going to leave this video up all week and hopefully people will play it over and over and distribute it widely.

Dennis Prager's clarity is so simple and directly to the point of what our greatest threat truly is.


  1. I agree - we have to overturn the Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate this fall. I am appalled that a woman was confirmed to the US Supreme Court last week whose most famous act before her nomination was to get the ROTC thrown off of her campus at Harvard. We are in big trouble in this country if we do not support our military and defend ourselves. (Shame on your Senator Richard Lugar, RINO, for voting for this horrible nominee. It is time for you to step down.)

  2. Slim, I agree on Lugar. I have said for some time he needs to go. I don't know when his term is up, but hopefully the state party can get him to step down, if not the grass root movement must. We no longer give to the "party" at state or national level because of this, but give to individual candidates. Lugar for to long now has been "friends" with the D.C. gang. These long time guys have to go on both sides.

  3. Prager has it correct. For generations we have been teaching how wrong America is. Law schools don't teach about the constitution and the founding documents or the debates of the time that resulted in ratification. I fear we have passed the point of no return.